Universalization of Education

Education is a dynamic process that starts from birth. A child surrounded by parents and other siblings experiences her surrounding environment, the physical and social and social, “imparts” some information and the child tries to find a pattern in that information and responds. From those responses we assess whether his/her development is normal, abnormal or extraordinary. Different children at the same biological age responds to the same environmental situation differently depending on the development of their perceptive and cognitive skills such as seeing, hearing, smelling, and mentally processing that information to discover the patterns. The behavioural response of the students with identical perceptive and cognitive skill differs due to the differences in the family environment and the extent of the self study and efforts. So we need for a better Education policy for all round development of a child.


India has the second largest Education system in the world after China. The scale of operation involved to ensure quality of Education for all in the country is unique and challenging. At the same time, the nature of problems affecting the Education system are so diverse and often deep rooted that the solution cannot lie in the alteration of any one single factor – it is not about just shortage of trained teachers or lack of political will; all these undeniably contribute to the problems, affecting the country's existing Education system. However, there is a need to look at the entire set of problems and deal with the issue holistically taking into consideration the specific context of different sections of the society. It will also require a constant and strong central support for policy, strategy, technical assistance, and monitoring and evaluation combined with increased decentralization with government, and stronger public-private partnerships, and improved accountability relationships between the service providers, policy makers, and the target population.

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.