What is T T C

Tuition Teacher Certificate program (TTC)


Due to explosion of knowledge, there is a spread of Education not only in India, but all over the world. Due to this change, social needs are changed accordingly. A teacher is expected to face the new changes by undergoing through training for new trends in Education. Such training needs are satisfied by different agencies at different levels.

In this unit we will discuss the role of different agencies and their functions towards teacher Education at state, national and international level.

Training, preparation of teaching aids and Evaluation needs continuity to achieve quality Education.

Objectives of TTC program

  • To enhance quality of Education by conducting various types of Educational research.
  • To improve teacher Education
  • To enhance quality of Educational level
  • To upgrade Educational methodology
  • To offer publicity to Educational innovations.

Role and Functions of TTC program

The Role and functions are primarily concerned with ensuring quality in respect of :

(a) Planning

(b) Management

(c) Research

(d) Evaluation

(e) Training

Its functions are as under:

(a) To improve school - E ducation

(b) Continuing E ducation

(c) Non-formal E ducation

(d) Special E ducation.

(e)To make available ext ension - services to teacher - E duc ation - institutions and coordinate the same.

( f)To prepare teaching aids for E ducational institutions.

(g)To motivate teachers to undertake /investigative research regarding content cum methodology.

TTC (Tuition Teacher Certificate) is a running program under ERDO department in which Education will be provide through tuitions with full guidance and planning to every children which are in 1-8 class in every village. There are three post divagations as required for the planning of TTC program:

1. District Education Officer (D.E.O).

2. Block Education Officer (B.E.O).

3. Basic Tuition Teacher (B.T.T).

All the three post given upward are appointed/selected only the basis of their merit base marks i.e., the candidates have to obtain minimum 45% of marks in written exam of Tuition Teacher Eligibility Test (T-TET) which held under ERDO Department.

Role and responsibilities of District Education Officer (D.E.O):

D.E.O officer will be treated as the in-charge of their District and sit at District Institute of Education (DIE) in the district where he/she appointed by the Department as suitable to maintain program. She/he will responsible for all the activities happening in his/her district regarding T.T.C program. She/he will maintain all the record of all B.E.O (Block Education Officer) and B.T.T (Basic Tuition Teacher) of their own district and to encourage the persons and children's for Education, to conduct survey, to maintain all the records in hard copy and to inform the department, to give advises for better work in the field of Science and Education, to provide all the facilities which will given by the department to the children's at their centers.

Responsibilities of D.E.O at D.I.E:

•  To maintain the quality of Education Evaluation and Development (EED).

•  To maintain availability if teachers.

•  To collect and evaluate new possibilities of getting attention of students with new manners Smart Education Portal (SEP).

•  To make surveys in key areas where Education lacks.

5- To organize Special Interest Groups (SIG).

The mission of our program is SKILL DEVELOPMENT

It has been classified in following aspects: